8/18/15 ChefElla's Beef Banh Mi Sandwich

In Vietnam the word Banh Mi just meant bread.  For many years the country of France had many of its people living in Vietnam.  A funny thing happens when one group of people lives with another group of people, they always end up sharing their foods with each other.  After many years the word Banh Mi has changed to describe a particular French bread, the baguette, and while the French baguette can be quite crusty the Vietnamese baguette is softer and great for sandwiches.  In the United States Banh Mi is the name of a sandwich made with soft French bread and Vietnamese ingredients.  It may sound odd to serve Asian food on bread, but you will be surprised by how tasty it is.  While there are traditional recipes for Banh Mi it is very versatile and great for creating your own special sandwich.

1.     Wash your hands.

2.     For this recipe you will need measuring cups and spoons, a rubber spatula, a knife, a cutting board, a small bowl, and a large bowl.

If you are not allowed to use a knife by yourself you can ask an adult to help.

ChefElla’s Banh Mi Sandwich (Yield 4 sandwiches)

8oz.        Roast Beef, Cut into strips

-I used Beef for my Banh Mi sandwich, but there are many other fillings to choose from.  Turkey, chicken, meatballs, sausage patties, smoked ham, seasoned tofu, Mock Duck (Seitan), bacon, pulled pork, pork belly, or even vegetables.

-I made my Banh Mi sandwich cold but another great way to serve this sandwich is to warm the meat and the bread.  Top with the cold salad ingredients and serve.  This gives the sandwich a great flavor and nice contrast of hot and cold when you eat it.

1 Cup       Cucumber, Seeds Removed, Matchstick or Julienne Cut

1 Cup        Carrots, Matchstick Cut or Shredded

½ Cup       Red Onion, Julienne (about ½ small onion)

¼ Cup       Cilantro Leaves, Minced (Measure leaves and then mince)

1/8 Cup    Thai Basil Leaves, Minced (Measure leaves and then mince)

                   -You can use regular basil as a substitute, 4-5 large leaves.

1/8 Cup    Mint Leaves, Minced, 6-8 leaves (Measure leaves and then mince)

1 ½ Tbl.     Rice Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar

1 ½ Tbl.     Cane Sugar

¼ tsp         Salt, Kosher or Sea

½ Cup       Mayonnaise (I use Olive Oil or Canola Mayonnaise)

2 tsp         Sriracha Sauce (If you do not have Sriracha you can substitute 1 tsp hot sauce)

2 tsp          Soy Sauce

4 ea.      Soft White French Bread (1 large loaf cut into 4 pieces, or 2 – ½ loaves cut in half, or 4 large soft sub buns.)

3.     In a large bowl mix vinegar, sugar, and salt.  Mix well until the sugar is dissolved.  Add carrots, cucumber, onion, cilantro, Thai basil, and mint.  Mix well and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

4.     In a small bowl mix mayonnaise, Sriracha, and soy sauce.  If you do not like spicy food leave out the Sriracha.

5.     Take the mayonnaise mixture and spread on the top and bottom of each of the buns.

6.     Add ¼ of the beef to each sandwich.  Take the salad mixture out of the refrigerator and mix again.  Add ¼ of the salad mixture to each sandwich and serve.

Be creative with you Banh Mi sandwich.  If you like spicy food, add some jalapeno to your salad mixture.  If you enjoy fish sauce, substitute fish sauce for vinegar in your recipe.  Try different vegetables, or meats, try it hot or cold, and if you prefer vinaigrette to mayonnaise try my Thai Dipping sauce from 2/5/15 ChefElla’s Thai Broccoli & Chicken Salad.



Ella’s Helpers

ChefElla’s helpers can help in the kitchen by doing any of the following:

Measuring out the ingredients.

Mixing the vegetable salad.

Mixing the mayonnaise sauce.

Building the sandwiches.