ChefElla and her Famous Cupcakes is an illustrated children’s story cookbook.  It’s Emma’s birthday, and ChefElla has the perfect surprise, she is going to make her famous cupcakes.  With a little of her mother’s help, ChefElla uses her secret recipe to make her famous cupcakes.  You can follow ChefElla’s adventure as she shares with readers her love of cooking and her real secret cupcake recipe.  The secret is that her cupcakes are not only delicious, but they are a healthy treat that children and parents will enjoy making, sharing, and eating.  ChefElla and her Famous Cupcakes is also an entertaining storybook that teaches children about basic baking techniques, flavors, following a recipe, kitchen vocabulary, as well as basic kitchen safety and sanitation skills.  ChefElla and Her Famous Cupcakes is a story that parents and children can enjoy, and a real cookbook that everyone can learn from.

Readers can follow ChefElla throughout the whole baking process, from gathering her ingredients, to mixing her batter, from portioning to baking and finally decorating her cupcakes.  ChefElla gives her readers tips, hints, and kitchen tricks to keep everyone safe, happy, and well fed.  ChefElla even has fun cleaning up.

With her own sense of style, ChefElla’s story comes to life through colorful illustrations on every page.  ChefElla and her Famous Cupcakes is not only a fun story for big kids to read but an entertaining story for little kids to hear.  This is not your typical children’s cookbook that will just end up on your shelf, but a storybook that your children will want to use in the kitchen and read over and over again.

Made from healthy ingredients ChefElla’s cupcake recipe will teach your child that things that are good for them can also taste good too.  ChefElla will teach your children step-by-step how to read and follow her simple recipe for these tasty cupcakes, and children will learn a sense of accomplishment when they make these tasty cupcakes for themselves.